• Halo Downmix v1.4.0.2 UNLOCKED WiN-R2R
    October 18th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
    Categories: AAX, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64

    Halo Downmix v1.4.0.2 UNLOCKED WiN-R2R

    Halo Downmix v1.4.0.2 WiN

    Team R2R | 18 Oct 2021 | 6.3MB


    Precise surround control, versatile downmix balancing and mix monitoring for accelerating and enhancing your surround productivity. Halo Downmix is the glue that brings your workflow together, allowing you to deliver in surround and stereo with ease and without compromise.

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    • Arcade v2.0.6 WiN MAC-FLARE
      October 18th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
      Categories: AU, macOS, VST3, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x64

      Arcade v2.0.6 WiN MAC-FLARE

      Arcade v2.0.6 WiN MAC

      FLARE | 18.10.2021 | WiN:1.49GB | MAC:1.22GB | CONTENT: 67.3GB

      .:STANDALONE, VSTi, VST3i, AUi:.

      Kit Generator is here with ARCADE version 1.6! A brand-new feature, Kit Generator lets you automatically transform any audio file into a full, ready-to-play ARCADE Kit. Now you can easily create personalized Kits from any of the samples within ARCADE or your own hard drive. We’re always collecting feedback and discovering new ways to make ARCADE even better, so let’s take a look at how to optimize your workflow with the new features available in Kit Generator. Kit Generator lets you make a customized Kit of sounds. Choose any of the samples already in ARCADE, or use your own. Let’s check it out. Welcome to Kit Generator.

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      • TH-U S Edition v1.4.5 WiN UNLOCKED-R2R
        October 18th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

        TH-U S Edition v1.4.5 WiN UNLOCKED-R2R

        TH-U S Edition v1.4.5 WiN

        Team R2R | 2021.10.18 | 363.26 MB


        TH-U S Edition is hands down one of the biggest features of the All Access Pass. You get OVER 100 MODELED PIECES, including 32 new amps, 39 new cabinets (including 15 OH S Exclusive), and 31 new effects pedals and modules. TH-U Slate Edition features exclusive OH impulse responses and utilizes a proprietary rig player technology, which allows users to reproduce entire rigs captured by manufacturers.

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          October 18th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®


          AEU v3.4.0 WiN MAC

          P2P | 3 June 2021 | 1.82 GB

          Ample Ethno Ukulele

          Ample Ethno Ukulele aim to bring the Kamaka HF-3 Ukulele sound to your studio.

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          • Psytrance Plugins Bundle WiN-R2R
            October 17th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: AU, macOS, VST, VST3, VSTi, WiNDOWS

            Psytrance Plugins Bundle WiN-R2R

            Psytrance Plugins Bundle WiN

            TEAM R2R | 17 October 2021 | 106.38 MB


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            • MODO BASS v1.5.2 macOS-MORiA

              MODO BASS v1.5.2 macOS-MORiA

              MODO BASS v1.5.2 MAC

              Team MORiA | 07 August 2021 | 184.78 MB

              ..:: AU/VSTi/VST3/64Bit/STANDALONE ::..

              MODO BASS® is the first physically modeled bass virtual instrument that gives you an unprecedented realistic performance for your bass tracks. As a producer, you want the best possible bass sound you can get… you want realism, credibility and authenticity that delivers the most accurate and inspiring performance. Sometimes you just can’t hire the right bass player, and some virtual instruments out there can leave you flat and uninspired. Enter MODO BASS — the industry’s first true physically modeled instrument from the leader in analog modeling technology. 8 years in the making and developed in collaboration with one of Europe’s oldest universities, MODO BASS is a completely new breed of instrument that delivers the best of both worlds: the realism and sound of an instrument being played by a master musician and the convenience of a plug-in virtual instrument.

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              • Peakbuster v1.2 VST VST3 x64 WiN
                October 17th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
                Categories: Voxengo, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64, x64

                Peakbuster v1.2 VST VST3 x64 WiN

                Peakbuster v1.3 WiN

                P2P | 07 August 2021 | 11.37 MB

                ..:: VST, VST3, x64 ::..

                Peakbuster is an attack-phase boosting and harmonic enhancement AU, AAX, and VST plugin for professional music and sound production applications. Peakbuster is a multi-band transient enhancer effect plug-in that uses an advanced automatic algorithm. Peakbuster stands out from the competition in its ability to always sound natural, even on a full-spectrum master bus. The strength of the effect depends on the material being processed: the algorithm masterfully analyses dynamics of the sound it processes, and applies boosting in quantities that are “exactly right”. Moreover, the algorithm has a suitably “fast” reaction time making its adjustments sound “fluid”, not “over the place”.

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                • Derailer v3.2.1 AAX VST3 WiN-R2R
                  October 17th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
                  Categories: AAX, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64

                  Derailer v3.2.1 AAX VST3 WiN-R2R

                  Derailer v3.2.1 WiN

                  Team R2R | 2021.10.16 | 3.03 MB

                  Derailer is a physical modelling instrument plugin built from mathematical models of strings, bars and spring connection elements.

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                  • RX 9 Audio Editor Advanced v9.0.1 WiN-R2R
                    October 17th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

                    RX 9 Audio Editor Advanced v9.0.1 WiN-R2R

                    RX 9 Advanced v9.0.1 WiN

                    TEAM R2R | 17 October 2021 | 557.12 MB

                    ..:: AAX, VST, VST3, STANDALONE ::..

                    The RX 9 is not for sale to the public right now. However, anyone who buys an RX 8 Standard or Advanced can upgrade to an RX 9 for free. And this is for you if you want to try!

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                    • Beef v1.0.1 WiN MAC-FLARE-R2R
                      October 17th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
                      Categories: AAX, AU, macOS, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64, x64

                      Beef v1.0.1 WiN MAC-FLARE-R2R

                      Beef v1.0.1 WiN MAC

                      FLARE/R2R | 17 October 2021 | WiN: 34.8 MB | MAC: 124 MB

                      ..:: AU, AUv3, VST3, x64 & AAX ::..

                      Beef Up Your Sound Beef is a multi-effect audio plugin with a sole purpose, to make your tracks sound BEEFY. It brings all the effects you need to create powerful sounds into one efficient and easy to use window. Beef was originally built to focus on creating the fattest basses and drums as possible. If you’re tired of folder-diving through 808 samples and want to sculpt your own hard-hitting basses with ease, then look no further. Beyond its original aim, Beef will make anything sound massive, even the most feeble audio. From guitars to vocals and from synths to foley, flex your proverbial biceps and BEEF THEM UP.

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